About Playground TV

Founded in 2019, Playground TV is a multilingual streaming platform available on iOS, Android, Huawei and Amazon. Powered by 18 kids channels, 140 animated shows in 8 different languages, Playground TV is accessible in several countries around the world. Playground TV has a passion for diversity and on a mission to entertain and educate kids all over the world. Our ambition is to build a kids first multilingual media company with a passion for fun & learning technology, belief in online safety and with care for our kids’ childhood.

Playground TV’s mission is to deliver great multicultural and multilingual video content to kids all over the world. We believe that kids identify with their cultural heritage through their mother tongue and this service will enable them to do this, with engaging, entertaining and appropriate content. Our aim is to be the first choice for bilingual families, exploring the world of animation.

Meet the team

At Playground TV we know the strength of diversity and multiculture and that also reflects our team. Each team member contributes with important skill sets and points of views. That is what makes us a superteam.
Building the global streaming service portfolio for Opera/Vewd with over 1.000 services across the globe, Daniel spotted a hole in the market. With a growing multicultural community across the globe, no-one was catering to the bilingual kids. Daniel founded Playground with a mission to get kids curios about diversity.

Aliya is digital product person through and through, with a passion for bridging technology, design and business to solve real life problems. In Playground TV Aliya gets to do so via her role as chief product officer. She is excited to, together with a great team, be on a mission for the bilingual kids around the world, growing up as one herself.

Vinayan is a technology executive with over 15 years of experience in the OTT Industry working for Fox Networks Group, Comcast-NBCUniversal, Network18-Viacom and Astro. He started his career focusing on User Experience for Art Age India to then move on to Oracle’s Media team developing solutions for application security for media and streaming platforms.

Carlos, the ultimate creative mind, that really believes that through design we can generate impactful and transformative experiences, especially for children, who are also our users on Playground TV. With Playground TV Carlos feels he has found a multicultural team that is passionate about making Playground TV a creative and fun space.

Sara, a former social scientist, became a UX-designer to combine her calling for helping people and her interest in technology and human behavior. As a multilingual and multicultural person herself, Sara is passionate about making Playground TV user friendly and suitable for bilingual kids.

Lukas’ role and what he does daily is related to the feeling of discovering. He’s always on the lookout for that exciting new technology and how we can use it to provide a better experience for children to also find the interest in facing new challenges and the fun that comes with the discovering of solutions.

Vaishnavi, our Android developer, makes our app available on all kinds of Android devices. The thing Vaishnavi loves most about working at Playground TV is the company’s core values, employee relationship and being part of developing one of best technologies useful to kids.

Raghavendra, aka Raghu, is kind of fun loving, focused, adaptive and interested in exploring new things. Raghu loves to work with more interactive and practical stuff, rather than doing the theoretical things. That is why he chose mobile app development as his career, to experience everything with his finger touch.


Renu has set the foundation for our QA system. Renu has lived away from her home country with her kids and knows firsthand how difficult it can be to connect the children to their cultural roots. Renu enjoys the work culture at Playground that encourages everyone’s innovative ideas.

Carl-Henrik, or Calle as he’s called by his colleagues, works with the wonderful cartoons we have on our platform, taking them from the rightsholders and making them available to the viewers. Calle also develop business opportunities and help expand the world of Playground TV to different partners.

Pernilla is all about the characters on our platform. Scouting new titles and making sure that we are giving the best we can to the kids using Playground.

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