Playground launches first safe streaming service for multilingual kids

November 5, 2020

Playground TV is today launching a dedicated multilingual kids streaming service featuring a wide range of content for children aged two to nine years.

Developed to help kids to discover safe, engaging video content in their native language, wherever they are in the world, the service launches initially with 14 animated channels in French, Spanish, English, Hindi, Mandarin and Persian.

Playground TV apps

The service will be free of charge to viewers, and supported by carefully selected adverts, with a subscription service to follow, which will provide personalised features such as the ability to follow specific channels, create a playlist, and remove the adverts.

“Accessing kids’ channels outside of the country of origin is often difficult, and this presents a challenge.” says Daniel Nordberg, Playground TV founder. “We know that language plays a crucial role in pre-school kids’ development, and for parents with a different native language than the country they live in, it is particularly important to find ways to connect children with their cultural heritage.”

The number of people living outside their country of birth grew by 41% between 2000 and 2016 to 244 million according to the World Economic Forum, with more than half in Europe and North America, so Playground TV has recognised the need to provide relevant and appropriate kids’ video content for multilingual families.

India was the leading country of origin of international migrants in 2019 with a 17.5 million strong diaspora, (source ​United Nations​). Playground has partnered with Cosmos Maya for Indian content via its Wow Kidz channel in addition to more than 10 other streamed content channels in different languages. The service will initially have more than 100 series and 5,000 episodes with more shows to follow.

Anish Mehta, CEO of Cosmos-Maya the corporate owner of channel Wow Kidz on the new streaming service said, “​The Indian animation sector has been producing a wealth of content which has been travelling worldwide. The partnership with Playground TV’s new streaming service represents an exciting opportunity to deliver our bestselling content titles in multiple languages, including Hindi to a global audience.”

The service will first launch on iOS, Android and web starting in the UK and then rolling out to selected countries in Europe followed by a US launch late 2020/early 2021.

Notes to Editors
Playground was founded in 2019 by Daniel Nordberg, who headed up the content business for Opera’s Smart TV Division, later spun out as Vewd Software.

Playground TV’s mission is to deliver great multicultural and multilingual video content to kids all over the world. We believe that kids identify with their cultural heritage through their mother tongue and this service will enable them to do this, with engaging, entertaining and appropriate content. Our aim is to be the first choice for multilingual families, exploring the world of animation.

Playground TV has an advisory team consisting of Rachna Bhasin (Miami, US) former Chief Business Officer at Magic Leap, Damon Berger (Boulder, US) with a background as The Head of Digital Engagement at Mattel, Alex Carloss (Los Angeles, US), former Head of Original Programming at YouTube and John Robson (London, UK) co-founder of Moonbug. The company is financed by business angel Ulf Ivarsson, Quixel veteran Daniel Somos, and Fredrik Olofsson from Twig Ventures.

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